Our Services

At first glance ,it may seem that buying a property in a distant country is very complicated ,especially when you think about the difficulties that can confront you through the process of buying a house ,you would like to use for the holiday months. Don't worry, we are here to assist you and answer all your questions.


We provide services to our customers, starting from the moment you contact with us until the title deed of the property (Land Registry). You shall be accompanied by a professional team working in the field of real estate in Turkey, which shall help you in all the necessary measures to get your real estate, away from fatigue and stress. Our goal is to provide high quality services to get what you want. When you deal with our team in Turkey, you shall get useful advices and adequate answers to all your questions ,finally you shall feel professionalism in our working.

Pre-purchase services:

•  Provide, support, advice and a detailed vision of the best real estate in Turkey, and that comply with the specifications you are looking for in terms of technical, physical and legal aspect. 

•  Provide free trips to select real estate and explain them to help you to have a decision. All you have to do is to contact with us when you are in Turkey. 

•  If you like the property, we help you to get the right price and the best way to make payments. 

•  Prepair the sales agreement , support and give legal advices, open a bank account, insurance to get a tax number and to get the approval of the military and all the necessary permissions. 

•  Completion of the procedures for obtaining the title deed (TAPU), and you shall give us a power of attorney (vekalet) for represent you in these proceedings or come in person. We shall also help you to take an appointment from the police department for residency. 

•  Provide you a car with driver who will help you in your visits if it is necessary.


Services after the purchase of the property:

•  Review the competent departments for membership of water, electricity and gas. Assisting you in obtaining phone line and the Internet. 

•  Provide options that is suitable for you in your new house decoration which commensurate with all tastes. 

•  All services related to the rental of the property and regulate the contract between you and the tenant. 

•  Services related to re-selling the property. 

•  All services related to the cleanliness of the property and the payment of bills and the monthly amounts arising from the property and carry out inspection visits of the property during the period of your absence and to inform you all of the new in relation to your real estate safety.

  We are here to assist you and answer all your questions, please do not hesitate to contact with us.