Title Deed

Real Estate Title Deed

  In Turkey, TAPU or title is an important document to approve ownership of the property which is referred to in this document, whether land , a house, a shop or other… where there is an accurate description of the property and owner information with the photo, this document issued sealed by the Land Registry Department, which keeps a copy in its archives and a copy, given to the owner in order to prove their right in the property. Issued in Turkish-language only, but can be translated by a certified translator and approved by a notary, it also can be more than one person that own the same property.


Required documents to have a title :

1. Translated and certified copy of the passport of the owner and in the case of an agent, a copy of the translated procuration and certified by a notary is required. 

2. Tax number which can be issued from the tax department near your place of residence. 

3. 4 personal photos. 

4. Detailed address and telephone number. 

  The issuance of TAPU takes about 3 months from the date of the audit and the deposit of documents. You can count on our staff specialist in all the procedures for obtaining title to the property (Land Registry).


The following is a copy of the Land Registry:

1- City 

2- Town 

3- Sub district 

4- District 

5- Village 

6- Street 

7- Area 

8- Photograph 

9- Tax No 

10- Purchase Price 

11- Sheet No 

12- Block No 

13- Parcel No 

14- Meter square 

15- Type of Property 

16- Borderline 

17- Acquisition of a right 

18- Owner 

19- Volume No 

20- Page No 

21- Sequence 

22- Date 

23- Deed office details 

24- Approves and seal of the local Deed Office